STEP 2: Launch your startup idea


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Click here for moreSession informationor for Support, please check out ourFAQ’s.Welcome to #3DayDiscovery Day 2 – Whoop whoop!

Well done for getting through Day 1 which was all about giving you the tools to structure and model your idea. Day 2 is all about making it happen and making your idea real.

Points to note so far:

  1. Feeling confronted? Great. Facing your fears is what its all about. We’re here to help you “jump off waterfalls”, whether it’s holding your hand or giving you a nudge or a life-jacket. Feeling uncomfortable is good 🙂
  2. Embrace the tools we’ve given you so far. We’ll keep using them and we also want you to use them in your everyday life.
  3. We’re about bite-sized chunks. The Gaddie Pitch, Lean Canvas and Avatar are all things you need for this journey and your future ventures. Follow this process, SHARE and COMMENT and you will be successful.