To Start a Business you need to unleash ideas, and in 3 simple steps, you’ll discover how to go from idea to startup:

We have gathered for you sessions with world-class coaches, practical activities, together with achieving real goals with fabulous Perks from our partners. Most of all we’ve lined up a great journey ahead for you to discover how to go from idea to startup.

Step 1 is totally FREE!

COMPLETE STEP 1 PERK: A free .Me web domain “.Me is about YOU”.
First year of any .ME domain. Single use only. Not applicable to premium domain names.

[FREE] Welcome and future opportunities. Opening Keynote by Scott Amyx

[FREE] Why be an entrepreneur? Interview with Justin Lafazan

[FREE] Find your idea and passion. Interview with Adam Cheyer

[FREE] What it takes to be an entrepreneur. Interview with Evan Luthra

[FREE] Build your digital ecosystem. Keynote by Anna Lundbgerd

OBJECTIVES: Get the entrepreneur mindset, Find your drive, Structure your idea and Learn how to share it.

Mark Activities Complete, Do the Quick, Claim your Perk: a FREE .Me Domain!

Dot Me Startup Academy

COMPLETE STEP 2 PERK: $2,000 credit with Toptal “Hire the top 3% of freelance talent”.
Spend and pay for $2,000 in services with Toptal (when you hire a developer or designer) and receive a $2,000 credit. Please note that this promotion can only be redeemed once by each unique company and is subject to change at any time.

Just Start lean. Interview with Laura Roeder

The MVP Smoke Test. Keynote by Khuram Malik

Find your first customers. Keynote by  Jessica Oman

Build your reach and find your community. Keynote by Angela Ponsford

How I lost 100,000USD and why I would do it again. Keynote by Serena De Maio

OBJECTIVES: Launch your website, find your first customers and startup building your community.

Mark Activities Complete, Do the Quick, Claim your Perk: $2,000 of TopTal credit.

COMPLETE STEP 3 PERK: FREE evaluation by VenturePredict “Startup Analytics for Founders & Investors/Accelerators”.

Measuring results. Keynote by Clinton Senkow

Pitch to investors. Keynote by Justin Butterworth

Crowdfunding Masterclass. Keynote by Elliot Chapple

The Future is: Scale. Closing Session

OBJECTIVES: Analyze and optimize, get traction, validate your idea and Pitch it.

Mark Activities Complete, Do the Quick, Claim your Perk: A Free VenturePredict Evaluation.

Venture Predict
Pozible Startup Academy

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