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INCUBATOR AND ACCELERATOR NETWORK For Startups, Mentors & Investors is a new online platform and marketplace for startups and businesses that want to scale and grow. We’re a new way for startups, mentors, coaches, investors and hubs to connect the right resources and funding. are rolling out new programs, adding hundreds of new connections that help startups get in front.


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Startup, Coaching and Mentor Network

The power of networks, whatever form of entrepreneur you may be, are critical to all types of startups. For to be the platform and marketplace that we want to be, that’s what we live and breathe. That also means networks, and leveraging them are part of our DNA.

Our networks are part of our IP, they provide value and insights to our customers. Without networks we have not data from which to understand our products and services better. However networks do not exist nor operate without people and our most valuable people – after our customers – are our Mentors. In fact many of our customers have gone on to also Mentor.

Our approach to Mentoring is an open one and founded on the very latest innovation research. We want our Mentors involved at all, or at any stages of our Programs. Mentors add credibility to a business, particularly startups and especially for gaining traction.

Most of all mentors must be diverse, not from a single group – like for instance accountants or engineers. Innovation rarely occurs when reliant one one group, but instead happens when diversity interoperates. Whether you’re a sophisticated investor, seasoned professional, art director or a passionate wannabe entrepreneur, you can be part of something special.