3. What it takes to be an entrepreneur [Evan Luthra Interview]


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Click here for more Session information or for Support, please check out our FAQ’s.At only 21 Evan Luthra has already had an extraordinary journey. In his interview with StartupAcademy.org he shares some of his deep insights, recites great entrepreneurial stories and tells us what it takes to be a great entrepreneur.

Finding an idea it’s not hard, finding a really good one is another thing.

When you have an idea, maybe hundreds of people had it before you. Maybe they have tried, maybe not. There are loads of different possibilities to develop an idea.


Evan is deeply inspired by other thought leaders and here’s more detail from the interview of the Stanford $5 Challenge and its lessons and results. Here is a link to another speech Evan gave with a lot of focus on failing called the 8 keys to unlocking the doors to extraordinary success.

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