I can’t login. What do I do?

  • You have to have registered for a ‘free access pass’ (which is different to just registering from the home page of the site). Go here to register for a free access pass if you haven’t done that yet https://startupacademy.org/live.
  • Note there is a link to a password reset at the bottom of the pop over or you can go to https://startupacademy.org/my-account/lost-password/ to reset your password. Enter your email address that you used to register for a ‘free access pass’. (If it says there is no registered user with that address, go to https://startupacademy.org/live?pop=reg and enter your name, email and create a new password to access the session)
  • On password reset you will receive an email with the subject “3 Day Discovery Password Reset” from [email protected] . Click the link in that email. Create a new password. Then you will be redirected to the current live session and asked to login with the email and password that you just created. If not go here: https://startupacademy.org/live?pop=login Enter the email and new password you just created.
  • You should be in. If you’re still having troubles email us at [email protected] with your email address that you used and we will create a new password for you.