Serena De Maio

Serena De Maio

Entrepreneur, Author. Commercial & Marketing Leader at Procter & Gamble.

Previously Greater Europe Business Intelligence Leader at Procter & Gamble, Serena combines expertise in both brand management and operational marketing. Her 15 years of work experience span from beauty to fashion, restaurants, retail, and the entertainment industry.

In parallel to her successful corporate career, she has co-founded Grace & Wilde Luxury Shapewear and Wolf Leaders Academy, an educational organization helping to fast-track the careers of entry and mid-level managers. Serena also coaches early stage startups, writes about leadership, startups and brand management, and is an international conference speaker.

Serena is a tough but fair leader; she’s direct, and likes to push the boundaries of politically correctness. The constant need to deliver many different priorities and wear multiple hats over the course of the day has pushed her to become ever more effective, managing her energy and her projects.

In her Keynote, Serena De Maio talks about learning from failures: How she lost $100,000, the 5 lessons she learned and why she would do it again.