Khuram Malik

Khuram Malik

Consultant, Author and lecturer. Founder and chief strategist at

Khuram Malik is a leading Business Strategist, Author, Blogger and Husband.

He is a five-star rated consultant, cited in business magazines such asBizJournals.comand an adviser to business leaders and well known start-up founders.

In the dotcom era he started a business with his father that had revenues of just under $1.5 million in the first year. He was just 20 at the time.

In the last few years he has helped over 200 businesses around the globe with strategies for all kinds of growth objectives including attracting investment, improving sales and marketing and engaging the best talent for companies.

He has helped clients raise millions in investments, developed branding and marketing strategies that rival Apple and Uber and coached hundreds of founders with further developing their own founder psyche. He’s a firm believer and an evangelist for entrepreneurship, having started his own entrepreneurial journey in his teens.

Khuram sees the big picture. His greatest strength is in spotting patterns, looking ahead of the curve and connecting the dots. People love his ability to distil complex ideas into simple concepts. He’s often touted lovingly as a “magician” for his ability to find unique solutions to difficult problems.

He is the chief strategist and founder, a disruptive consulting company for small to medium size enterprises and start-ups.

In his Keynote, Khuram Malik shares with us how to get maximum traction for the least amount of effort by building a minimum viable product (MVP).