Anna Lundberg

Anna Lundberg

Personal coach and Business Consultant. Previously Head of Digital in Procter & Gamble Prestige.

Anna Lundberg is a business consultant and personal coach. After a successful marketing career at multinational Procter and Gamble, she has since worked independently as a consultant with clients including Burberry, Vertu, and increasingly also small businesses and startups. Today, she mentors entrepreneurs and young managers while she juggles her own three businesses.

Anna’s first business was her digital marketing consultancy,Crocus Communications, and she is passionate about teaching people how to engage with consumers using digital media without becoming distracted, or intimidated, by the technology behind it. Last year she co-foundedWolf Leaders Academy, which provides training for a new generation of managers in the world of business. Having qualified as a certified professional coach, she now also empowers people through her personal coaching practice,One Step Outside, to take ownership of their careers and transition into becoming an entrepreneur, changing career direction, or following their passion whatever that might be.

Anna is a published writer, with articles appearing on Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, and other online publications.

In her Keynote, Anna Lundberg shares with us why it is important to build your digital ecosystem. Anna talks through the #1 mistake made in marketing for today’s digital world, and also the top 5 tips for building your digital strategy.