“Startup Academy” was born in 2014 as a grassroots regional movement to help people #juststart. We successfully helped over 40 startups begin their journey, pitch to seasoned entrepreneurs, innovators and successfully connected with investment.

Startup Academy Byron Bay
Startup Academy Byron Bay
Startup Academy Byron Bay


“Hubs” are a great way to get communities together and start thing as a collective. Our series of live Startup Academy events were designed to stimulate startup activity, four ‘graduates’ of the Incubator and Accelerator pitched to a panel of local entrepreneurs. Startup Byron was one such day of special ideas and people. Check out the inspiring video below.

Find out how your Hub can active your local community by Getting Started.

Created by StartInno

We use lean startup methodologies and high performance business coaching and mentoring to enable ideas for the real world. At our most basic, we offer a creative and collaborative coworking space that aims to nurture innovation. As a startup incubator and accelerator we extend this creative environment of idea sharing with dedicated support so our people can focus on what’s important to reach success. Realising ideas in the real world with positive social impact is what makes us tick, and we do this by demystifying the startup process by providing leading-edge systems, services and people.

Based our experience helping great startups, we found they wanted and needed better access to more mentors and investors as well as collaborating with other startups. Other hubs wanted to join us to, so we created startupacademy.org as better and more scalable incubator and accelerator network. Join us as we grow.

Our Vision

Entrepreneurial pathways

Everyone should be entitled to be able to #juststart whether a keen and eager school kid, college drop out or full time professional, entrepreneurial methods and materials have become more accessible then ever.

Centre of excellence

We strive to be kick-ass not half baked, so becoming a successful graduate and alumni will be a standard with a certification of excellence. We are a For Profit organisation which believes that communicating commerce is important, if not we risk leaving important decisions to other people.

Sign up for what you need

There are no silver bullets in business, but we can help in removing barriers and obstacles that we perceive to be there. Whether you need a full-time coach, mentor or advisor, better access to online resources, or simply the right investors or capital, we aim to help you find the most appropriate support.

Location independent

Locations are important, however if you are not permanently based around an innovation hub or cluster, there can be a lack of support and resources. StartupAcademy.org aims to connect and includes these hubs locally, nationally and with a vision of global scale and reach.

Positive change

We find the the best and most successful entrepreneurs are the ones most passionate about how their product or service is going to change the world. With non-renewables no longer a sustainable long-term investment, now is the perfect time to create a startup with positive change.

Global marketplace

The most important part of any innovation hub is being open and inclusive so as to provide access to a diverse range of people, ideas and resources. Our long term aim is to provide a technology stack that allows affiliates to access our tools and capabilities rather than dictate and impose business models.

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We accept that not all the smartest people work for us, but we do partner with them.

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